Paul Wackers



The New York artist's initial interest lies in figurative painting, which he gently steers towards abstraction. Paul's paintings give birth to non-places, vegetal landscapes adorned with libraries and windowsills, providing a glimpse into a parallel reality. These uninhabited spaces mirror an inner perception and evoke for the viewer the still lifes of Dutch masters, the likes of Willem van Aelst. The methodical arrangement of objects, candleholders, vases, and plants juxtaposed within the frame is upheld by a play of compositional shapes and textures, knitting the image's coherence together. Yet, upon a second glance, a pictorial element emerges – a splash of color, straight or sinuous lines – that disrupts the equilibrium and breathes dynamism into the piece. Hence, the expression of emotions in Paul Wackers' painting draws from his translation of reality into a distinct pictorial language, one that is truly dreamlike for us who interpret these reveries.

Paul Wackers was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1978.
He received a BFA from Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC, and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Sounds Before The Sun Hits’ at Jack Hanley Gallery, NY (2023); ‘Everything Energy’ at Jack Hanley Gallery, East Hampton (2022); ‘The space we take’ at Eleanor Harwood Gallery in San Francisco, California (2021); IN A HOUSE OF SHIFTING FORMS at Alice Gallery in Brussels, Belgium (2019); and Silent Language at Galeria Impakto in Lima, Peru (2018). Recent group exhibitions include a three persons show at Jack Hanley Gallery, Earth’s Debit at Public Land in Sacramento, California (2022); Twenty Year Anniversary Exhibition at Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York (2022); and Nature Morte at The Hole in New York (2021). Wackers’ work can be found in collections including MIMA Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Wackers lives and works in New York

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