Clare Rojas

The inexhaustible middle


Thursday 15.09.2016 / 18:00

Clare Rojas

Clare Rojas is a world-class artist who to her credit has numerous prestigious shows, art prizes and inclusions in important collections, (such as that of MoMA). From the mid-nineties to the early 2000s, she was associated with the Mission School, a loose collective working out of San Francisco, primarily known for their collaborative and communitarian approach. They are often tagged as Urban Rustic or even Digital Bohemian. The San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art described the group as, 'The most significant art movement to emerge out of San Francisco in the late twentieth century.' Among the exceptional artists of the group were- Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson, Alicia McCarthy, Ruby Neri and Thomas Campbell.

More than just a visual style, their daring mindset inspired the attitude of many other artists, including artists represented by ALICE; but the cooperation doesn't stop there- Mission artist Barry McGee joined us in 2010 under the moniker "Lydia Fong," now in welcoming his wife, Clare Rojas, we complete the circle with the work of a couple that continues to inspire. This synchronicity alone makes the 'The Inexhaustible Middle' a compliment to the artistic program of Alice Gallery .

In an email about the exhibition Rojas explains "I guess with this work... it was about letting different visuals reveal themselves, within one work, through different variations. I was working with different patterns and creating different compositions and colors, but my main concern was just having the work feel balanced. I think Peggy's performance will be nice." Indeed, from out of the body of work presented there emerges an implicit geometrical story. The palette of restricted colors and sharp geometric shapes creates a powerful tension, a primal interaction, expressed through the medium of abstract painting. Another facet of the artist's personality will also be revealed on the opening night. Besides writing, painting and video, music also plays an important role in the creative output of Rojas. Under the pseudonym of singer-songwriter Peggy Honeywell, she will will accompany herself on guitar and perform songs in the style of "folk-bluegrass ».

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