Boris Tellegen aka DELTA



Like all teenagers of his generation, Boris Tellegen learned coding to play the first computer games before even painting in the street.

This 5th exhibition at ALICE gallery bridges the gap between coding and graffiti. Their beauties and meanings often escape the uninitiated, both are very present in your environment without you paying attention, and each opens a door on illegality.

In this exhibition, Boris Tellegen presents 3 new series of works: the wooden GLITCH, the totemic sculptures and the cardboard CODE.

GLITCH are electronic failures. Those of Boris Tellegen are imposing monochromes of wood composed of a multitude of layers of dynamic forms. They express harmony born of chaos.

The large stainless steel sculptures and bronze are clean totemic figures that combine lettering and references to the aesthetics of science fiction.

The CODE series plays with computer command words like Super User Access, For Off and On, or Post Test Noob Loop. The artist applies to letters the same three-dimensional distortions he can apply to the totems directly inspired by his practice of graffiti. Reading the lines of code requires the same application as when unscrambling a graffiti. The sense is beneath the surface, the meaning is almost familiar, the white work blends into the wall.

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