Maya Hayuk



We are so very happy to welcome back Maya Hayuk for the 5th solo show at the gallery!


Maya Hayuk’s studio paintings and the Gigantic ones such as the mural she just finished for the Dunkirk Triennial this summer, are comparable in their choice of bright colors, the broad dripping brushstrokes, and the very much studied composition. There are additional subtle links observable on her latest body of work. The vitality of the pictorial gesture, a variety of textures that directly evokes her external adventures, rough, frozen or warm walls, liquid or thick paint, the riskiness of overlapping layers. There is wind, sun and rain in these paintings.

<<< Maya Hayuk, with the complicity of Alicia McCarthy, has painted a word playing with the letters to reveal in the background the painting of Alicia realized 5 months ago. A first collaboration between the two artists. >>>

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