Aaaah finally... PICA PICA's second solo show! The first exhibition was in the gallery's precedent space back in 2009. From those fond memories, the desire grew to be once again immersed in their so very distinct, personal and yet somehow obvious universe. You will, provided you've kept somewhat of your inner child, be simply marveled by their simple constructions and colors.

What seems simple at first, is in fact the result of a collection of multiple references and different techniques. Through photography, sculpture and painting, PICA PICA develops a very personal alphabet. A shape, subject or color skips from an art work or medium to the next with absolute fluidity and coherence. The sculptures influence the paintings that influence the photography and vice-versa.

This natural feeling that emerges from the art finds it roots through architecture, landscaping or sheer gut feelings for 'accidental beauty'. For PICA PICA, the art of mastering the Art, is to be able to recreate the raw and primal inspiration of an object or idea, through the 'perceived' simplicity of their artistic technique. The photography becomes a instant witness of their evolution and artistic process.

So why the name 'Interiors' for this exhibition you might ask? After all, it does sound like being invited to discover the latest interior design fair... A playful Jerome Degive says it's supposed to sound like an interior design magazine, "after all, however sophisticated an artwork can be, it still is a type of decoration". Of course, any other interpretation is possible, it's only an invitation to come see the exhibition.

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