Daniel EKTA Götesson


OPENING on March 9th 2023 - From 6 to 9 PM

EXHIBITION from March 9th til April 22nd 2023

Ekta's studio feels abandoned, like coastal towns after a storm. It's a place where flattened storefront windows and empty heads become stages for pictorial thinking.

Where does the artwork begin? Scribbles become debris, piles upon piles, so many drawings that didn't make it. How important is it to know the end before writing the beginning?

We need hybrid approaches. Daniel has embraced hybridity. His artworks feel deliberately unsettled, hitting the snooze button somewhere between sleeping and waking, located inside the fuzz of a night out drinking.

This new series of work rejects fixed categories and embraces the freedom of non-representational forms. I get the feeling he's trying to put his brain on the paper. Can we really read our own thoughts?

Brad Downey - American artist, political activist and filmmaker