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How do you choose an artist?

The first time we met Felipe Pantone was in July 2015. While visiting Brussels, he painted a wall with his friend Sozyone Gonzalez. My first impression was very clear. The guy was smiling, confident, curious and I was clearly impressed by his skills. The encounter was brief, but I wanted to know more about this young Argentinian who already enjoyed a solid reputation in the graffiti world on an international scale.

Strongly solicited to paint monumental frescoes and participate in exhibitions around the world, the Pantone tsunami is on the horizon.

Virus Alert!

Maybe you've discovered the work of Felipe Pantone on Instagram? Because the Internet lights up with each of his interventions. He synthesizes, with coherence and originality, the aesthetics of Graffiti and Geek on all types of mediums (painting, video, sculpture, installation, mural, etc.). This hybridization of genres reaches a broad audience, both cosmopolitan and keen in its references.

On one side, there's the exhilarating experience of graffiti, its physical emotion. On the other, there is the infinite universe of the digital age. Smack in the middle, there's Pantone.

Like all artists of his generation (1986), he likes to reinterpret both classical and contemporary codes of aesthetic. In front of his work, you'll find a mixture of glitch art (digital bug aesthetics), kinetic art (Vasarely, Julio Le Parc), graffiti, 3D modeling ... but also the spirit of the De Stijl movement or of the Memphis Design. No need to look further, the references he uses extend as far as your culture. Felipe Pantone is a iconoclastic artist at the forefront of technology.

Your brain cells light up in front of his work? Too late, you've caught the Pantone virus.

Alice van den Abeele

Felipe Pantone (1986) is an Argentinian-Spanish artist. He started doing graffiti at the age of 12. He graduated with a Fine Art degree in Valencia (Spain) where his studio is based. Felipe travels the world ceaselessly with his art. His work has been exhibited all over Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

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Dj_SOAK_FT_ANDERSON_PAAK_H264 from Felipe Pantone on Vimeo.

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