Mon Colonel & Spit

Double Super Flux Tendu


The artists duo, Mon Colonel & Spit, present: "Double Super Flux Tendu"

They have developped, over drawings and installations, the expression of disruptive thinking.

Casual and humorous, the identity of Colonel and Spit is this mess of ideas, personal styles embellished with influences ranging from the Beat Generation, graffiti to Art Brut. The works are produced collectively.

All paintings and installations are visual kaleidoscopic thoughts. The work is similar to a scattered semantic mosaic. The reading of the work is strobing and renews each time the meaning of associations. The overdetermined image reminds the language of dreams during paradoxical sleep. These creative combinations between the signifier and the signified open the fiels of poetic interpretations.

When you look at them, the installations of precarious shelters filled with objects, writings and various drawings, form the image of an incoherent thought, one of a universe without future, entirely absorbed by the present.

It is less rebellious than festive. It is punk!

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