Group show

Domesticated Souls


Artists of the last few generations have been brought up with digital images, fast sequences of computer- or television pictures and busy street traffic in the metropolis all over. They are inured to the possibilities of the internet and the overwhelming access to images and moving pictures. At the same time the longing for a life close to nature and greenery is striking the mind. All these experiences become obvious in some artistic practices and the gallery wants to show an array of different approaches to dealing with modern viewing habits in our domesticated environments.

The theme of a ‘domesticated or wild’ nature in our living environment responds to a need to get back in touch with ourselves, like a search of an equilibrium between mankind and society in our occidental cities.

But the subject of this exhibition is not meant to be illustrated by the artists, their work is a contemplative, and sometimes humoristic response to a feeling.

The selection of artists is not based on aesthetics only. There is a will to bring them together as they know each other personally or share friends. This relative proximity explains certain correlations between the works. Although from Denmark, Israel, Italy, USA, Belgium, Canada and France, they all seem to speak the same language.


  • Barry McGee
  • Clare Rojas
  • Guy Yanai
  • Francesco Deiana
  • Pica Pica
  • Mike Swaney
  • Sophie D'Ansembourg
  • Maya Hayuk
  • Samuel Francois
  • Paul Wackers
  • Huskmitnavn
  • Claire Decet
  • Chris Duncan
  • Olivier Kosta-Thefaine

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