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“Designs and techniques for my murals are worked out in advance, and that includes weird tools I’ll need to customize or invent. I also make studio work, like canvases and sculptures. There seems to be an interesting parallel here with studio music and live shows. There’s more control indoors, to develop ideas, but then to bring this to people you need to find a way to put it on the road.” Interview for, April 2015.

Born in 1974 in San Francisco, MOMO is real globetrotter. In addition to his studio work, he paints murals and public installations. His large-scale works have formed the bedrock of his artistic career and have taken him on an endless journey around the world from the USA, to Italy, France, The Caribbean, Mexico …

The aesthetic ideas he develops in his paintings and three-dimensional installations are conceptually and aesthetically post-digital, they have the look and feel of digital paintings with their geometric compositions and the superimposition of strata traced across the surface. The work obeys an inescapable mechanical logic, imposed by the restrictions of the self-made tools, which MOMO produces to make the work. Playing with color theory, MOMO manipulates our sensual experience of his art. The resultant graphic work has strong, vivid features composed of clean lines and pure and primary colors.

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