Group show




  • Invader (FR)
  • Boris Tellegen alias Delta (NL)
  • Steve Powers (US)
  • Sixe Paredes (ES)
  • Maya Hayuk (US)
  • Hell'O Monsters (BE)
  • Todd James alias Reas (US)
  • Parra (NL)
  • Huskmitnavn (DK)
  • Poch (FR)

From the North to the South of Europe, by way of Belgium and New York, the panel of artists featured in the biennial urban arts festival, Asphalte, provide a vast cultural overview. All the artists have extensive experience with this type of event. Many of them are considered to be contemporary masters in graffiti or street art on a global scale. Labels that they all reject as crude and stereotyped. But also because beyond these categories- which serve to exclude, the work of these artists, in essence, has universal appeal.

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