Maya Hayuk, Todd James, Steve Powers, Poch, HuskMitNavn, Sozyone Gonzalez, Atelier Pica Pica, Invader, Hell’O Monsters, Parra, Boris Tellegen, Colonel & Spit, Momo, Paul Wackers, Bjarke P z Olsen, Sophie d’Ansembourg, HoNeT, Dave Decat, Sixe Paredes, Michael Swaney, 2 shy, Guy Yanai, Samuel François, Escif, Cleon Peterson

Just Before Brazil

Just before all eyes focus on Brazil, ALICE Gallery presents the works of 26 artists. Seen through A3 identical frames, the exhibition unveils a singular view of a contemporary art scene. This is not a synthesized selection of our artistic preferences, but rather the beginning of a dialogue between the works of talented artists. The initial idea was to bring together the artists that Alice and I invited for ‘Asphalte’, the Biennale in Charleroi that will take place in June this year. It was the perfect opportunity for us to organize a public and artistic meeting around these artists present in Belgium. Then, carried by our enthusiasm, the list was extended to include other artists with whom we share a privileged relationship.