Invader (FR), Boris Tellegen alias Delta (NL), Steve Powers (US), Sixe Paredes (ES), Maya Hayuk (US), Hell'O Monsters (BE), Todd James alias Reas (US), Parra (NL), Huskmitnavn (DK), Poch (FR)

Asphalte#1 2014

Asphalte #1 - Le Docu from BPS22 on Vimeo.

From the North to the South of Europe, by way of Belgium and New York, the panel of artists featured in the biennial urban arts festival, Asphalte, provide a vast cultural overview. All the artists have extensive experience with this type of event. Many of them are considered to be contemporary masters in graffiti or street art on a global scale. Labels that they all reject as crude and stereotyped. But also because beyond these categories- which serve to exclude, the work of these artists, in essence, has universal appeal.

Curators: Alice van den Abeele et Raphaël Cruyt