Born in 1969 in Belgium, grew up in the flemish countryside near Leuven.

She started painting when she was nineteen years old. Her oil paintings are figurative and matter of fact, sometimes inspired by observation, sometimes her mere imagination.

Past exhibitions at Boy Schounmaeckers’ gallery in Brussels, Mechelen Cultuur Centrum and Alice gallery, Brussels.

Ecole des Beaux Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Ecole de la Cambre, Brussels, Belgium


"La vie sexuelle des Plantes:La Bitch", Le Lac, Bruxelles, BE

NEW PAINTINGS, Solo Show, Encore, a project by Alice Gallery, Brussels,BE
IT’S LIKE A JUNGLE SOMETIMES, GroupShow, Island Gallery, Brussels, BE
BEFORE THE FOOD FIGHT, Group Show, Chocoladefabriek, Tongeren, BE
VIVE L’ÉTÉ 2, Group Show, Galerie Olivier Biltereyst, Brussel, BE 
JUST BEFORE BRAZIL, Group Show, Alice Gallery, Brussel, BE
FUTUR SIMPLE, Group Show, Alice Gallery, Brussel, BE
GSB 5 YEARS, Group Show, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, SE
A LOGICAL CHAOS, Group Show, De La Charge, Brussels,BE
THE GUNSHOT, Group Show, Marion De Cannière, Antwerp, BE
DOMESTICATED SOULS, Group Show, Alice Gallery,  Brussels, BE
ART COPENHAGEN, Art Fair, with Alice Gallery, DK
OUR WINTER, Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, SE

GOEIDAG, BONJOUR, Solo Show, Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE