Hell’O is an artistic duo composed of Jerôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. They quickly left behind graffiti letters and spray paint in favour of paper, characters, ink drawings and paint, moving on to sculpture, installations and wall drawing. They developed a unique graphic vocabulary that is complex and ambiguous, which they continue to expand in the course of their creative output, customising many recurrent elements, which they combine each time with new characters, or incorporate into unusual settings.

 Through their creative approach, characterised by its extreme conventional freedom, as well as its rigorous execution, they produce a fertile, imaginary fantasy world, sometimes grotesque yet always poetic. A kind of strange fantastic bestiary, populated with enigmatic animals and vaguely human-looking, asexual creatures, with shapes and symbols drawn from the iconography of fairy tales, fables, and other medieval allegories, ancient and contemporary mythologies, but also vanities, esotericism and surrealism. Death, hope, failure, optimism, frivolity, animalism, cruelty, constraint and the desire to control are the most frequently addressed themes in the works of Hell’O.
 Using brief narrative sequences, which are sometimes juxtaposed, and a healthy dose of humour and mockery, they rail against human foibles in compositions that combine metaphysical reflection and pure non sense, showcasing mystery and the free interpretation of the viewer. The art of Hell’O lies in the image of the name the duo has chosen for itself: both joyful and macabre, amusing and frightening, cutesy and brooding, morbid and seductive, absurd and meaningful...Oxymoron and dichotomy are key areas of their work, playing on duality, ambiguity and pretence, continually oscillating between attraction and repulsion and dissolving into chaos that is paradoxically highly structured.


DYSTOPIA, First Amendment Gallery, San Francisco, US (forthcoming)

"DYADE", Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
"WORK. 16", Galerie Centrale, Liège, BE

"Nameless coterie", Delimbo Gallery, Sevilla, ES

"Deaf, Dumb & Blind", Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
"The Modern Ghost3", Galerie du jour Agnes B, Hong Kong
"The Modern Ghosts 2", Galerie du jour Agnes B, Paris, FR

“Modern Ghosts“, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR
“Another Brick in the Hole“, Alley Art Gallery, Hasselt, BE
“Two sticks and a cross are easily confused”, Espai Tactel Art Gallery, Valencia, ES
"Memento Mori", Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE

"End of magic", MOHS Gallery, Copenhague, DK
"Might fall", JAS Gallery, Paris, FR

"Chaosmos", M.A.A.C, Brussels, BE
“Lost and confused”, Think.21 Gallery, Brussels, BE

Residency, M.A.A.C, Brussels, BE
"Pulse", Artfair, Miami ,USA.
"Hell’O Monsters", think.21 gallery, Brussels, BE

"Paradis" , I.S.E.L.P., Brussels, BE
"Smile for Slime", Extrabold Gallery, Luxembourg
"Game on You", (A4 project) , BOZAR , Brussels, BE
"Live Painting", WHO’S NEXT , Fashion Fair, Paris, FR


GO FIGURE, Spokeart Gallery, NYC, US
SHELTERS, La Vallée, Brussels, Belgium BE

"Illustre", Centre de la Gravure et de l'Image Imprimée, La Louvière, BE
"Illustre - Lorsque des oeuvres se racontent", Bibliolouve, La Louvière, BE
"Expo WOW - Writings on walls", C-mine, Genk, BE
"Friends & Family", Delimbo Gallery, Séville, ES
"Grande ouverture", Gallery Matthew Namour, Montréal, QC

“Belgi. Barbari e Poeti”, Espace Vanderborght, Brussels, BE
"Art on Paper", Contemporary Drawing Art Fair, Bozar, with Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
“Belgi. Barbari e Poeti”. MACRO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, IT

"Artmosphere", Street Art Biennale, Moscow, Russia
"Parallel Universe", Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
"Iconic/Ironic",  Marie-Laure Fleisch Gallery, Rome, IT
"Just before Brazil", ALICE Gallery, Brussels, BE
"Pareidolie", Drawing Art Fair, with ALICE Gallery, Marseille, FR
"Drawing Now", Agnes B., Paris, FR
"Therimorfism", I.A.M. Gallery, Madrid, ES
"A Cheval, entre design graphique et art contemporain", Espace LVL & L'Atelier, Nantes, FR

"Ottanta - An international perspective. A local insight" Bipielle Arte, Lodi, IT
"Celebration" Centre Wallonie-bruxelles, Paris, FR
"Drawing now", Contemporary Drawing Art Fair, with Galerie du jour Agnes B, Paris, FR
"Kill two bird whit one stone" Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
"Just mad", Contemporay Art Fair, stand Espai Tactel, Madrid, ES
"Two years mean nothing", Espai Rambleta Galeria Espai Tactel, Valencia, ES
"HEY! Modern Art and Pop Culture", Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, FR

"ARTCOPENHAGEN", Contemporary Art Fair, with Alice Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
"ARTBRUSSELS", ContemporaryArt Fair, Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
"Drawing now", Contemporary Drawing Art fair, with JAS Gallery, Paris, FR

"Summer invitational", Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, USA
"Dreamteam", Choque Cultural Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
"Explosition, l'art du graffiti à Bruxelles", Musée d'Ixelles, Brussels, BE

"En quelques traits", I.S.E.L.P, Brussels, BE
"ARTBRUSSELS”, with Think.21 Gallery, Brussels, BE

"ARTBRUSSELS”, with Think.21 Gallery, Brussels, BE
“Sales 0%”, Think.21 Gallery, Brussels, BE

"Pulse Art Fair", with Think.21 Gallery, Miami, USA

"Summer show", Louis Adelantado Gallery, Alicante, ES
"ARTREK", Upstairs Mekanik Strip, Antwerpen, BE
"Plintub", Plintub Gallery, Recyclart, Brussels, BE


Mural, La Vallée, Brussels, BE
Mural, Facebook Brussels Headquarters, Brussels, BE
Mural, Colorama Festival, Biarritz, FR
Mural, Crystal Ship, Ostende, Belgium, BE
IKEA, Edition Limitée, ART EVENT

Mural, Genk, BE
Mural,au le lieu unique,organisé par Espace LVL, " 5 ans ", Nantes, FR
Mural, Blind Walls Gallery, Bréda, PB
Mural, Anderlecht, Brussels, BE

Mural for Teenage Kicks, Rennes, FR
Mural, Liège, BE
Commissioned Mural for Café La Pompe, Brussels, BE
Mural for Kosmopolite Art Tour, Brussels, BE
Mural for the Second Edition of B.I.A.M., Mural Art Biennale, Lille, FR
Mural for BEYOUNDERGROUND Festival in Hasselt, BE
"Folks", Mural for Mons2015, Mons, BE
Commissioned Mural for MailChimp Offices in Atlanta, USA

"ASPHALTE", Urban Art Biennale, Curated by Alice van den Abeele & Raphael Cruyt, Charleroi, BE

"Bien Urbain", Besancon, FR
"Fresh Flanneurs", Doppelganger Gallery, Bari, IT

"Out of STH", Wroklaw, PL

"Parcours d'artistes de Bruxelles-Ville", Brussels, BE
"Artour Biennale", Mariemont, BE
Mural for the Heith Haring Restrospective, BAM, Mons, BE
Kartell loves art", Kartell Store, Brussels, BE

"Rock the City 2", Graffiti Convention, Segovia, ES

"Mural for a playground", Alicante, ES

"Prix Mediatine", Médiatine, Brussels, BE, 2010